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Research Expertise and Focus

Bacterial vaginosis, a highly prevalent vaginal disorder that significantly increases a woman’s risk of preterm labor and of acquiring HIV

Professional Highlights


  • Fellow, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity

Education and Training

Ph.D., Microbiology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Selected Publications

Allen-Daniels MJ, Serrano MG, Pflugner LP, Fettweis JM, Prestosa MA, Koparde VN, Brooks JP, Strauss JF,3rd, Romero R, Chaiworapongsa T, Eschenbach DA, Buck GA, Jefferson KK. Identification of a gene in mycoplasma hominis associated with preterm birth and microbial burden in intraamniotic infection. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2015 Jun; 212(6): 779.e1-779.e13. PMCID: PMC4457590

Castro J, Alves P, Sousa C, Cereija T, Franca A, Jefferson KK, Cerca N. Using an in-vitro biofilm model to assess the virulence potential of bacterial vaginosis or non-bacterial vaginosis gardnerella vaginalis isolates. Sci Rep. 2015 Jun 26 ;511640. PMCID: PMC4481526

Brooks JP, Edwards DJ, Harwich MD,Jr, Rivera MC, Fettweis JM, Serrano MG, Reris RA, Sheth NU, Huang B, Girerd P, Vaginal Microbiome Consortium, Strauss JF,3rd, Jefferson KK, Buck GA. The truth about metagenomics: Quantifying and counteracting bias in 16S rRNA studies. BMC Microbiol. 2015 Mar 21; 1566-015-0351-6. PMCID: PMC4433096

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Fettweis JM, Serrano MG, Huang B, Brooks JP, Glascock AL, Sheth NU, Vaginal Microbiome Consortium, Strauss JF,3rd, Jefferson KK, Buck GA. An emerging mycoplasma associated with trichomoniasis, vaginal infection and disease. PLoS One. 2014 Oct 22; 9(10): e110943. PMCID: PMC4206474

Fettweis JM, Brooks JP, Serrano MG, Sheth NU, Girerd PH, Edwards DJ, Strauss JF,3rd, Vaginal Microbiome Consortium, Jefferson KK, Buck GA. Differences in vaginal microbiome in african american women versus women of european ancestry. Microbiology. 2014 Oct; 160(Pt 10): 2272-2282. PMCID: PMC4178329

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Castro J, Henriques A, Machado A, Henriques M, Jefferson KK, Cerca N. Reciprocal interference between lactobacillus spp. and gardnerella vaginalis on initial adherence to epithelial cells. Int J Med Sci. 2013 Jul 20; 10(9): 1193-1198. PMCID: PMC3739018

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Harwich MD,Jr, Serrano MG, Fettweis JM, Alves JM, Reimers MA, Vaginal Microbiome Consortium (additional members), Buck GA, Jefferson KK. Genomic sequence analysis and characterization of sneathia amnii sp. nov. BMC Genomics. 2012 13 Suppl 8S4-2164-13-S8-S4. Epub 2012 Dec 17. PMCID: PMC3535699

Abraham NM, Lamlertthon S, Fowler VG, Jefferson KK. Chelating agents exert distinct effects on biofilm formation in staphylococcus aureus depending on strain background: Role for clumping factor B. J Med Microbiol. 2012 Aug; 61(Pt 8): 1062-1070. PMCID: PMC3542134

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Mackey-Lawrence NM, Potter DE, Cerca N, Jefferson KK. Staphylococcus aureus immunodominant surface antigen B is a cell-surface associated nucleic acid binding protein. BMC Microbiol. 2009 Mar 26;9:61.  PMCID: PMC2670837

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