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Bodnar-Deren Receives 2 Grants

Dr. Susan Bodnar-Deren, an assistant professor in Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Sociology, has been awarded two grants.

Bodnar-Deren received a $19,149 award from the VCU Council on Community Engagement for a project entitled “A CBPR Evaluation of the ‘Mommies, Babies, Bellies & Daddies – The ABCs of Breastfeeding’ – a targeted intervention to encourage inform, and empower mothers to care for themselves, their babies and to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration.”

The project represents a collaboration between VCU Sociology, the Institute for Women’s Health and two community partners: Healthy Hearts Plus II and Kinfolks Community.

She also received an award of $9,116 Quest Global Impact Award for her proposal “Forging Cultures of Resistance: History, Health and Education in Communities of Struggle: A comparative study of Richmond Virginia and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.”

This Quest Global Impact Award will enable Bodnar-Deren and Dingani Mthethwa, a professor of World Studies,to develop and deliver a virtual global classroom, which will link students from VCU and the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN).  The course will focus on a cross-cultural/multidisciplinary examination of social stratification, access and opportunities in both nation-states.

Students from VCU and South Africa will  work directly with community organizations to engage in global conversations, with the explicit goals of mobilizing the ideas, skills and passions of community organizations and the two universities.


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